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How to start a Truck Business with ShipHighway?

Owning a company that transports things is difficult. There are many considerations, ranging from fleet management to operational duties. For this reason, going digital is crucial if you want your transport company to be successful in 2023, this could be a wonderful moment to start a truck business with Shiphighway if you want to start a firm that transports things. You may easily expand your business online with the use of free transportation apps like Shiphighway. But if you want to launch and expand a transport company, there are several crucial things to understand. Let's look at those now.

Factors to consider before beginning a goods transportation business

Make a list of the following items before beginning a commodities transport business:

  • The start-up costs for a commodities transportation company, including labor and equipment.
  • The best way to obtain the required funding (bank loans, venture capital)
  • Selecting your transportation routes for commodities (interstate, intrastate, etc.)
  • Making business contacts (use Shiphighway to find loads).

Rules & Regulations needed to launch a transport company

After making a list of the aforementioned items, you must determine the legal requirements for launching a transportation company.

1: Start by Registering Your Company

You can register your business as a single owner, a partnership firm, a private limited company, etc. There are many alternatives available to you. For more information about registering a transport firm, you can also go to an RTO.

2: GST Certification

After choosing your desired business structure, you can move on to securing the next legality, such as a GST certification. This will make it simpler for you to file your taxes and possibly make it simpler for you to receive loans.

3: Permits and Licences

Speak with government agencies like the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and others to obtain all necessary permits and licences. It's critical to have drivers with commercial vehicle licences in order to operate a transportation business.

If you intend to ship your goods across all of India, you can also apply for an All India Permit.

4: Truck and Driver Insurance

You can get insurance for both truck drivers and their vehicles. Transport service providers frequently deal with a number of issues. Choosing trustworthy insurance companies like PolicyBazaar, HDFC Ergo, Digit, etc. is advised.

How to make your transport business profitable?

You can concentrate on running your transport company and generating revenue once it has been registered and all of the necessary paperwork is prepared. Here are some quick actions you may do to increase the profitability of your transport company:

  • To find loads for your trucks, use internet load marketplaces. The load market on Shiphighway can help you locate the appropriate commodities for your vehicles. Regularly locating loads will help you increase the money generated by your trucks.
  • Expand your network of transport companies. Make contact with manufacturers, consignors, carriers, and other companies that might require your services. Using the online transport directory provided by shiphighway, you can expand your network.
  • Post information about your transport company on Facebook and Instagram. It will be simple for you to locate lots of potential clients.

Expand your business with Shiphighway.

It is crucial to use the internet in the modern, digital age. You may develop your transport company's online brand with the Shiphighway transport app and web marketplace. Personal networks or expensive directories are not necessary. With Shiphighway, you can quickly find customers for your trucks.

How Shiphighway Helps you?

  • Increase on-road time to the fullest and revenue by up to 70%
  • On all routes, obtain simple return loads.
  • Establish a strong internet brand for your products transportation company.
  • Purchase from businesses you can trust.
  • Expand your network by getting in touch with companies in India
  • 90% less calling time for internet reservations, etc.

You will quickly be able to expand your business with the help of the Shiphighway

Register now without cost.

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